Get Started With Remote Support

Decide: One Time Support or Support Package

Shoreline PC offers different tiers of support to accommodate all types of users. Before contacting us, please take a look at our pricing schedule to determine what bracket your issue likely falls under. You can then decide if you would like to purchase a one-time support session or a month of full service (which covers up to 5 hours).

We understand determining the problem on your own can be difficult. That's why Shoreline PC provides the diagnostic process for remote sessions entirely FREE. We need to grasp the situation before we can commit to fixing the job. We will remote in, assess the problem, determine our ability to fix it, and provide a price to repair. If you like the price and want to move forward, we place a credit card on file and begin the work. It's that easy!

Contact Shoreline PC

Now that you have decided what support package you need, it's time to give us a call! A representative will walk you through obtaining a download link from our website to get the process started. The button always located in the top right-hand corner of this website, so it's always easy to find no matter what page you're on.

The application you will be downloading is called TeamViewer (NOTE: Please notify your technician if you already use TeamViewer. It may conflict with our installer and we'll need to connect directly with your Partner ID and password instead). It's a lightweight version of the program meant to allow us to connect. It doesn't install any additional software on your computer and supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. Once you've ran the program, a technician will remote into your computer. A secondary prompt will require you to allow us to connect, after which we'll be connected and begin the evaluation/work. We try to keep it simple, but please let your technician know if you're experiencing issues. We will do our best to help.

Finishing the Session

Hopefully at this point our technician has fully resolved your problem! If not, don't worry. The entire session is always free if we're unable to resolve the issue for you. Partial resolutions will result in a final balance due but at a discounted rate.

But let's assume the process was successful (as it usually is in about 99% of all our support sessions). At this point, we will let you know the final bill and charge the credit card you provided us at the beginning of the session (or, if it's your second session, confirm that the card is still active and receive permission to bill it). After successful payment, you will receive an invoice marked as "PAID" in your email.

We've updated our pricing to make it easier for our "a la carte" clients!
The first hour is always billed at $100. Partial hours are rounded to the next quarter-hour and are billed at the $100/hr rate.


  • Basic Printer Connectivity
  • Program Installation
  • Anti-Virus Setup
  • Browser Issues
  • Apply Windows Updates
  • Software Tutorials
  • Contact Us




  • Operating System Issues
  • Malware Removal
  • Software Configurations
  • Advanced Printer Configurations
  • Multiple Program Installations
  • E-Mail Setup/Connectivity
  • Contact Us

If you're a business owner or have more than one computer, give us a call for a customized quote! Don't forget to ask about our bundled packages that include both remote support and on-site service!