Cloud User Control

The rising cost of server hardware and software has small businesses in a pinch. Take back control affordably with Cloud-Based Active Directory.

Skip the Server - Join the Cloud

Technology has advanced rapidly, allowing the classic "domain" environment to move into the cloud. What was previously only capable on physical hardware can now be managed from a web-based control panel anywhere in the world. Assign new users to your corporation, limit their ability to install malicious or unwanted software, disable information-stealing USB and CD/DVD drives, and prevent modification to your internal network's security. Shoreline PC's Cloud User Control allows you to:

  • Limit or Allow Biometric Capabilities
  • Prohibit Camera Use
  • Block Secondary Microsoft Accounts
  • Disable the Windows Store
  • Disable USB Storage & CD/DVD Device Attachments
  • Prohibit Control Panel Access
  • Assign and Remove Admin Rights Remotely
  • ...and much much more!

Extend User Control Beyond the Desktop

Take control of your roadwarriors and give Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) a sense of security again. Our directory services are installed alongside existing user accounts, allowing BYOD users to log in and access sensitive company information without the capability of transferring it between their private, local accounts. Your company policy is saved right on the device, so even when a computer is unable to reach a stable internet connection, your company information is safe and secure.

  • Create Groups to Manage On-Site & Remote Employees
  • Create as Many Policies as Necessary
  • Set Policy by User, User Group or by Computer
  • Grant Access to Shared Network Drives Using LDAP
  • Use Single Sign-On Integration With Over 150 Apps

Pricing starts as low as $20/user, per month. There are no long term contracts, and setup can happen in as quickly as a day. Call us today for more information!

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