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From remote technical support to website development, we've got you covered!

Website Design

Our website designs are beautiful! We work with you to create a masterpiece.

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Remote Support

Computer problems? Allow us to help using our cutting edge remote support technology.

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Custom PCs

Laptops, PCs and Custom Builds. Learn how we customize PCs for you!

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About Us

Shoreline PC has been in business for over 10 years.
We've served over 5,000 clients during that time.

Customer Satisfaction

We're here for you and believe in providing the best support that we can. That commitment to satisfaction has earned us a reputation for being a reliable, pro-customer business.

We have a team with a combined IT knowledge of over 50 years and handle jobs of all types, simple or complex.

All of our methodologies are geared toward the best business practices in the industry. We attempt to blend low cost and high quality solutions as often as we can. Our goal is to consult, estimate, and deploy in a way that doesn't stress our clients' bottom line. We only recommend what you need to get the job done and cut the excess, saving big dollars in the long term.
Here at Shoreline PC, we recognize that security doesn't stop at anti-virus. Our staff is constantly trained on a weekly basis to be knowledgable on the newest threats and the proper avenues for remediation. We also build security plans for businesses. These are customized plans built for the level of security necessary for your business.
Our staff does NOT work off a script. We aren't located across the ocean and we're all employed by the company right here in the United States. You won't find any outsourcing here. We employ based on a newly developed, rigorous entry exam that properly gauges all our potential employees' current skill levels and capabilities, helping us place clients with employees skilled to help them best.

Our Services

We have a wide variety of services that we provide for customers,
but here are some of the most popular.

Reliable Hosting

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • E-Mail
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Cheap SSL Certificates
  • Domain Name Services

Hosting can be a nightmare to manage yourself. Shoreline PC is an authorized reseller for Namecheap hosting, allowing us to provide otherwise impossible guarantees on uptime and bandwidth paths while still providing professional setup and configuration that DIY users often lack.

Call us today to discuss your current hosting needs. We're sure to have a package for you!

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Remote Support

  • United States Based
  • Toll Free Call Center
  • Easy to Use Remote Application
  • Flat Rate or Per Minute Billing
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Up-front, Transparent Pricing
  • No Scams, No Commitment

Remote support shouldn't be a hassle and it shouldn't feel like a scam. Say hello to our United States based support team and say goodbye to shady foreign companies.

Our staff is here to support you for a wide variety of issues. They've been trained and work in-house.


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Managed IT

  • Remote Diagnostic Software
  • Security Suite Software
  • Microsoft Office Deployment
  • Windows Business Server Deployment
  • Staff Support Packages
  • Remote Hardware Monitoring
  • Remote OS Patching Software

If you have a business, it can be difficult and expensive to have on-site IT staff ready to take care of problems at a moment's notice. That's where we come in.

We have a wide variety of service plans to accommodate all types of businesses. From basic hardware monitoring to full service MSP, we have a solution for all customers.

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Customize Your Experience

  • Custom Built PCs
  • Laptops
  • Data Transfers
  • Program Installations
  • Bloatware Removal
  • Security Software
  • Hardware Upgrades

Shoreline PC believes in offering a complete experience for our customers. When you order a computer from us, it doesn't just come to you in a closed box. We tailor the process based on your needs.

We transfer data from previous computers, uninstall intrusive bloatware, reconfigure Windows to optimum settings, and install any old software you may want to transfer. We truly make it yours.

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